A 20-Year Career

A 20-year career, in first person.


This was the year that changed my life completely.
The "Partizan Pop" EP was released, our songs started playing on the radio, we scheduled "queimas" and freshmen receptions...
Real concerts! We started appearing in newspapers and TV shows...
My dream of playing on the radio finally came true in March 2002! I met Saul Davies (guitar player from James) and, around that time, did an interview with him in the RTP TV station. I couldn't believe it! To finish off the year, I wrote the song "Daisy". We played on the main stage of the Paredes de Coura festival and other important events.

Besides the songs written in English, I also wrote a few songs in Portuguese. The song "Pequeno T2", among others, came about at this time. While recording the first album, Saul Davies and Quico Serrano selected the songs we would be working on. I was very happy because from the ones that were presented, almost all of the selected songs were written (music and lyrics) by me. At that time, I was asked to consider the possibility of Ez Special becoming a solo project, but I said no. I felt that this project should also belong to the other band members.