A 20-Year Career

A 20-year career, in first person.

The Phenomenon

This was an unforgettable year! Our album was released by a multinational record label and, for the first time ever, a Portuguese artist's image and song were used in an advertisement campaign for a major Portuguese brand.
The song "Daisy" became the main theme for TMN (which no longer exists). All that made it possible for us to start playing for thousands of people, sign hundreds of autographs, and even have a fan club. It was all so sudden that I'm not even sure how it happened! It wasn't that long ago that I was thinking of giving up, and now I was the lead singer for the most talked about band in Portugal! It was really strange, to go from being anonymous to having people look at me on the street and start singing the songs, especially the "Lalalala u" part from "Daisy".