A 20-Year Career

A 20-year career, in first person.

Album: Prefácio

I wanted to take a break and do something different. I started working on a few songs in Portuguese that were "in the drawer".
It was strange, but tempting.
I wasn't looking for success at that point, I just didn't want to let the music dream die. There were hard times ahead. I never thought it would all be so hard at the beginning. There were a lot of closed doors... It was like going back to the start and fighting for everything again! Letting go of the past was hard, but I got some guys together to play with me and I went back on the road! How ironic that "taking a break" would end up being the best project of my life...
"Pequeno T2" was a song that almost didn't make it into the album, because I was not completely happy with the result. Curiously, it ended up being chosen as a single by Pedro Ribeiro from Rádio Comercial, and became my biggest hit up to that point!
Thank you, Pedro!
And that's how I, once again, became the face of one of Portugal's major brands!
It was time to face the future with confidence.